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Hannes Bodmer (born 1980) grew up in a town called Wienacht-Tobel located within the swiss region of Appenzell. After his time of compulsory education, he attended a preparatory course for design. After two years of training as a graphic designer Hannes Bodmer spent three years in France. When he eventually returned to Switzerland he completed an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener. Ever since his first experiences in creativity during his youth years (Grafitti) he knew that art was his calling even though he had to prioritize other pursuits for another three years. Since 2012 he started to focus on art painting in a self-taught manner.


His works range from realistic to abstract painting as well as conceptual and grafic solutions. He uses a wide variety of materials and techniques including photography and image editing. He always endeavours to complete his projects with discipline, patience and objective self-reflection.


He perceives daily world-affairs and events in a sensitive and differentiated way. He is convinced that humanity can have a prosperous and sustainable relationship with our planet as long as we consider the laws of nature and include this consideration in our strive for progress and development. Gratitude and respect for the life our planet gave us should be the norm. His motifs address our environment and contain his vision of a sustainable cooperation between humanity and nature.

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