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Hannes Bodmer (born 1980) grew up in Wienacht-Tobel in Appenzell and attended the preliminary design course in St.Gallen after regular school. After two years of training as a graphic designer, he spent three years in France. Back in Switzerland, he completed an apprenticeship as a landscape gardener (EFZ). The creative world has accompanied him since his youth, where he found access through graffiti. However, his artistic activity remained largely in the background over the years. Since 2012 he has been self-taught in art painting in his studio in Thal. In terms of craftsmanship, he moves between realistic and abstract painting as well as conceptual and graphic solutions. He works with different materials and techniques, mainly using acrylic paints as a base. To develop his art motifs, he experiments with photography and image editing, which he manually transfers to the canvas with a brush. He always strives to realize his works of art with the necessary discipline, patience and reflection depending on the project. Thematically, he deals with sustainability and daily world events, which is reflected in his art as a socio-political debate. He is convinced that we humans can have a future on this planet as long as we incorporate the earth's natural laws into our way of life. On the one hand, with his pictures he wants to point out the beauty of nature and critically question how we humans deal with the environment.

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